Cat visits normally last about half an hour. I come to your house feed the cat(s) change the water, change the litter if needed and just stay with the cat for some company.


Dog sitting is in your own home where the dog will be cared for and loved just like you would.

Wedding service

This is a 12 hour wedding chaperone service where I look after the dog for the day. Also I can bring the dog to the wedding.

Dog walks

Normally an hour long dog walk either solo or group walks.

Doggy day care

This is again done in your own home. I can stay with the dog for either half or a full day, ideal if your planning a day out

Puppy visits

I can come and let your dog out while your at work.

House sitting

This is when I live in your home while your away.

Small animal check ups

I come to your house to feed , change their water and clean cages.

Please get in contact if you have anymore questions or a service query I haven’t included above.